WWDC 2010 T-Shirts

by Marcus Zarra

In celebration of the late notice of WWDC this year; CIMGF is offering late notice on our T-shirts!

In previous years I took orders and then delivered them to you at WWDC. I discovered something from that it. It was a huge pita for everyone involved. Therefore, this year I am going to do it differently.

I have created a storefront on SpreadShirt where you can order one of several different T-shirts (and a jacket) for this year’s WWDC. The new shirts include the new CIMGF logo which will soon adorn this beloved site.

I hope to see many of you wearing the T-Shirts this year in San Francisco!
WWDC 2010 T-Shirt


dmthomas says:

I’ve never had a shirt from SpreadShirt. If I get the American Apparel shirt in a color other than black will the back image really have a black square around it?

Marcus Zarra says:

I locked down the shirts to black only because of the black background. I would not recommend changing the shirt color.

pligg.com says:

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » WWDC 2010 T-Shirts…

Cocoa Is My Girlfriend » WWDC 2010 T-Shirts…