MacBook Pro looking for a good home

by Marcus Zarra

Having finally decided that I prefer the 1920×1200 display of the 17″ Macbook Pros I am finally committing to one size of laptop. To help force myself into that commitment I am going to be selling my gently used late 2008 15″ Macbook Pro.

The specs are:

* 2.53 Ghz Intel Core Duo
* 320 GB Harddrive
* 512 Nvidia Video cards (9400 and 9600)
* 2 USB
* 1 FW/800

All of the original hardware and equipment are included.

The asking price is $1,800.00 plus shipping.

The machine is in perfect condition as shown in these photos on flickr (http://tr.im/kQ11).

If you are interested in this machine please contact me at marcus at cimgf dot com.