MacDevNet Podcast: MDR005 Data

by Marcus Zarra

I had the pleasure recently of being on an episode of the Mac Developer’s Roundtable with Kevin Hoctor, Aaron Hillegas and Steve “Scotty” Scott. In this latest episode, Scotty introduced the topic of data, how to store it, access it, etc. To kick it off, Aaron delivered a fantastic history of Core Data or as it was originally called, Enterprise Objects.

I highly recommend this episode to anyone who is interested in Core Data and Cocoa in general.

You can get the episode from MacDevNet.com.








































dietsync says:

I enjoyed the podcast.

Personally I like CoreData but I was disappointed to find that it does not appear to be supported with the new iPhone SDK. Apple is however claiming support for SQLite but there is little documentation for this.

I guess I could use something like:

But I was wondering if anyone knows of an easier way that I could bind controls directly to the database. I would prefer to model the binding in Interface Builder (which is not yet supported by the SDK either) so I am not sure if I should bother using a different method.

Anyone else have any ideas?