Cocoa Tutorial: File Copy With Progress Indicator

by Matt Long

I often find and therefore come to expect common problems in Cocoa to be easily solvable, however, there are times, like this, where I am a bit disappointed that the problem can be so difficult. All I need to do is copy a file. This is a simple task right? All you need is NSFileManager and a call to – (BOOL)copyPath:(NSString *)source toPath:(NSString *)destination handler:(id)handler and you’re good to go. Not so fast, city slicker. This one is going to take a bit more effort cause you want one of them fancy new-fangled progress indicators to show how much of the file has been copied. Well, if you want Cocoa to help you, you’re out of luck cause NSFileManager won’t do that for you, but with a little bit of effort you can get it to work with some… gulp… C APIs.