Creating A Happy Appy Song

by Matt Long

App developers need ways to promote their apps and audio and video provide a way to do that. At a recent iOS developer camp in Colorado I gave a talk in which I demonstrated some ways developers can create their own creative content like audio and video in-house. In one segment I demonstrated a technique that I refer to as creating a Happy Appy Song. What is it, you ask. You’ve heard it. It’s a happy sounding fanciful tune that plays in the background as some narrator describes the wonders and benefits of an app (or other product for that matter). The basic premise of the happy appy song is that, first of all, it’s easy to create, but second there’s a simple formula. Here is all you need:

  1. A happy chord progression in a major key
  2. A simple drumbeat
  3. A glockenspiel sound

And now I present to you, Creating a Happy Appy Song

Matt Long

Matt Long works for Colorado Springs iOS Development shop, Skye Road Systems. He is the founder and principal developer there. Matt also works for a startup company called Galen Medical Systems where he develops apps for the medical industry. Contact Matt at Matt at CIMGF dot com to discuss your iOS software development needs. Matt is the co-founder of Cocoa Is My Girlfriend and is the co-author of "Core Animation: Simplified Animation Techniques for Mac and iPhone Development"

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