Monthly Archives: January 2009


Don’t treat your customers like thieves

by Marcus Zarra

Every once in a while I run across a situation that just amazes me. While this topic is not strictly about software development it is about the subject of the business of software.

Our customers give us money for something we have already written.

This is an important point to grasp. We write software once and sell it many times over with no production costs other than initial development. Unlike almost every other industry in the world we only have to write the software once! We do not have to produce something new every time a customer wants to purchase something from us.



Dropping NSLog in release builds

by Fraser Hess

NSLog() is a great tool that helps debugging efforts. Unfortunately it is expensive, especially on the iPhone, and depending on how it’s used or what you’re logging, it could leak sensitive or proprietary information. If you look around the web, you’ll find a few different ways to drop NSLog in your release builds. Here is what I’ve put together based on those. (more…)