WWDC 2008 T-Shirts!

by Marcus Zarra

May 20, 2008
The T-Shirts for delivery at WWDC have been ordered. If there is enough interest I will setup a way to purchase CIMGF T-shirts (non-WWDC) directly from the site. Please contact me at marcus at cimgf dot com if this is of interest to you.

Last year I wore t-shirts for Zarra Studios and got quite a few compliments. These days I am becoming more known for this blog than anything else. Therefore, I am doing different t-shirts this year to celebrate this blog. As a reader of this blog you have an opportunity to purchase one of these shirts. They will only be run for WWDC so they are limited edition! :)

While the design is not complete yet, here is the first public draft of the T-Shirts:


Normal (Male) T-Shirt


V-Neck (Female) T-Shirt

Currently, the plan is to take them with me to WWDC and hand them out to those who have purchased one right after the keynote on Monday. If you are not going to WWDC but would still like to order a T-Shirt, that is also doable but naturally shipping costs will be involved.

The price per shirt will be $20.00 US. If you are interested in purchasing one or more, please contact me at marcus at cimgf dot com and I will work out the details. Right now I am processing orders manually but if they get too crazy then I may set up an actual shopping cart. Quantities are limited so act now! ;-)

Lastly, to follow Justin’s great idea. I am interested in trading T-shirts with other WWDC attendees. If you have a NEW shirt that you would like to trade for a CIMGF shirt, please contact me at marcus at cimgf dot com to plan a swap.

All Orders must be received and paid for by the 19th of May, 2008. Any orders received after that date can be shipped but cannot be delivered to WWDC.

Legal Junk

It is not my intention to make a profit on these t-shirts. I am offering them to readers at the approximate production cost. It is not my intent to mass produce these t-shirts with the goal of making a profit. If the production run comes close to or exceeds 500,000 t-shirts (wouldn’t that be amazing!) then the artwork on the back of the t-shirts may change due to restrictions in the license agreement.

Marcus Zarra

Marcus S. Zarra is a founding partner of MartianCraft, LLC. He has been developing Cocoa software since 2003, Java software since 1996, and has been in the industry since 1985. Currently Marcus is producing software for iOS and OS X. In addition to writing software, he assists other developers by blogging about development and supplying code samples on Cocoa Is My Girlfriend. Marcus is also the author of Core Data (2nd edition): Data Storage and Management for iOS, OS X, and iCloud and Co-Author of Core Animation: Simplified Animation Techniques for Mac and iPhone Development. You can find Marcus on Twitter, on App.net and on StackOverflow.

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